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“Ante-natal classes aren’t stigmatised, so why should parenting classes?”


Becoming a parent was (and still is) hands down, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. From the expectation to fall immediately in love with my first born to the endless streams of often conflicting advice, I found the whole experience overwhelming and terrifying. I went from being a confident business woman to a scarred, incompetant and vulnerable mum. Eventually I found my way; with the support of an amazing husband and friends/family. Like all of my friends I’d attended Ante-Natal classes because that’s just what everyone did but looking back, how valuable were those classes? Not at all is the short answer! Why? Because each labour and each baby are just so different – how could 3 hours of classes prepare us for every eventuality. I’d almost go as far to say they were unhelpful, especially when my labour and early months as a mum didn’t fit any of the scenarios we’d covered in class.

Fast forward 8 years and I’m pleased and proud to acknowledge that life as a mum has become loads easier and considerably more enjoyable. There are still those days – you know ‘those days!!!’ but I now use my coaching skills to get me through each little challenge – asking the right questions, listening, understanding their motivations/needs/wants, putting good routines in place, rewards and most of all lots of fun and cuddles etc etc etc…the list is endless.

I’ve worked with a number of clients who’ve had different challenges as parents from eating habits to bedtime routines and one thing I’ve found common is a sense of shame that they can’t cope. All the parents I know have admitted that being a parent is challenging, just when you’ve got a grip of one thing, life goes on and a new challenge is just around the corner. Getting some help and support that suits not only you but the needs of your child, make sense right? You can make those challenges more easy to deal with and learn new skills that make every day life better for the whole family. Ante-natal classes aren’t stigmatised, so why should parenting classes?

If you’re interesting in understand more about how coaching can help you get in touch to book a free 20 minutes consultation.


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