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The Perfect Life is as realistic as Unicorn Poop!

I love Simon Sinek!  I’ve been following him for years and his mantra about ‘asking for more help is liberating’  really resonates at this time of year; people commonly put off making changes in their lives whilst they prioritise enjoying the festive season but when the new year comes we take on all sorts of change and challenges. 
If you do decide to make a change in your life consider ‘ASKING FOR MORE HELP‘- its quite liberating when you do ask for help and realise you’re surrounded by people who want to help but just never thought you needed it. When I decided to put myself out there as a Life Coach I worried about portraying a perfect life with all the answers when in reality ‘the perfect life’ is as realistic as unicorn poop’. No-one has all the answers but someone has the answer.
Rather than being a perceived sign of weakness ‘asking for help’ is a win win situation – the person who helps you feels the reward of a good deed and you get some support.
Pace yourself, be kind to yourself and ask for more help

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