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Fear- a strange little gift to ourselves!

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One of the biggest barriers a lot of my clients have is fear– fear comes in many forms but is essentially something we’ve created within ourselves. Ok, so there is genuine fear which is a human survival instinct but most of the day to day stuff is ‘self made fear‘, a strange little gift to ourselves!

There’s lots of talk at the moment about getting out of your comfort zone, it is believed that only when we do this can we truly grow or change our lives for the better. If it was as simple as just ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ well we’d all be doing it. What’s stopping us? What is stopping you? In my experience, it’s fear… fear of the unknown, fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of being judged.

When you think about what it is you’re afraid of ask yourself a couple of questions:
First, what is the likelihood that whatever it is you ‘fear will happen’ will ACTUALLY happen? How much would be be prepared to bet, cold hard cash? What odds would you give it?
Secondly, let’s say if it did happen, what would the consequence or outcome be?
When you explore the answers to these questions in detail you quickly become empowered by the fact that most of our fears are either unlikely to manifest themselves, and even if they do they aren’t as big and scary as we imagine. The anticipation is worse than the event! I bet you can think of at least one occasion when you’ve said ‘oh that wasn’t as bad as I thought’.

Our thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have as humans- if we think something is going to be scary we will feel all the feeling that come with that thought…. fear, anxiety, nervousness, worry. By thinking about new or scary events in a positive way we crush the fear that stops us from making the changes in our life we really want to.

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