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Your kid won’t die of boredom- in fact the opposite is true…’The Gift Of Boredom!’


I read a fascinating article once about how this generation are in danger of loosing (or have already lost!) the art of patience. More and more things are available ‘on demand’. Everything is moving towards faster, quicker, now now now! The scientist in me thinks, well this is just evolution and its great that we can download and get access to things quicker. So what that my kids will never know what it feels like to be excited to see their favourite movie making the Christmas TV listings?! Who cares? You could argue that letting everything be available now is harmless and simply a sign of the times.

But here’s the thing; I plan and cater for my kids entertainment needs in most eventualities. Colouring books whilst we wait for food in restaurants, iPads on long journeys, always giving them suggestions and ideas of things to do…. I pacify them to ensure they don’t get bored, because bored kids moan and frankly no one likes a moaning kid! I’ve realised that in never allowing my kids to get bored I was crushing their ability to create. Boredom leads to creativity.

So this is what I do….taking technology off the agenda and not having a dam thing organised or planned for the kids I busy myself with jobs and wait for the cries of:

‘Mummy, I’m bored’ ‘Mummy, I’ve got nothing to play with’ (Stood in a room full of toys!)

I resist my default instinct to fix everything or give them the iPads and simply reply with:

‘Oh I’m sorry to hear that, I really hope you manage to find something fun to do soon’.

The first time I did this my son kept appearing with various games to play, with me! I kept on reiterating that I’ve got jobs to do and he must find something to do which doesn’t involve me. Bored kids moan A LOT so this was a painful process to endure. But hang in there….this is when the magic happens….. this is when my kids create amazing new worlds of adventure, fun, creativity and exploration and I LOVE IT!! Like most things when the seed comes from within you you are more likely to be passionate about it and stick with it.

I often have my best ideas when I’m on the toilet (too much information I know!) but its because I’m in a space where my mind is free of stimulation to think, create and grow!

Give yourself and your kids the gift of boredom- you won’t regret it!


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