Feeling Overwhelmed Before An Interview

I came to Jill for support when going for promotion in the Public Service, I had a structured interview from a panel of three senior  staff.......I was completely overwhelmed by all the information and evidence I had gathered and surrounded by piles of paperwork that I would never remember. I had some telephone consultations with… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed Before An Interview

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Getting My Confidence Back!

This is Sallie's story; if you can relate to her story and need some support, please get in touch. "I'd been working in a management role for 9 years and was confident, happy and very good at my job but after a company take over I was 'pushed' into a role I had never done before.… Continue reading Getting My Confidence Back!


What’s your Oxygen?

There's a really good reason you're told to 'put your own oxygen mask on first'. Being a partner, a professional, a family member, a parent, a house owner... sometimes it's easy to forget about yourself. Oxygen makes us live, to be energised and focused. What's your oxygen and are you getting enough of it? If not,… Continue reading What’s your Oxygen?