Client Stories

The words of some wonderful people I’ve worked with…..

I’M A NEW WOMAN “I cannot express enough how grateful I am,  firstly that I  found Jill and secondly I listened to her. She has changed my way of thinking from a glass with a crack in and leaking to a glass almost full of champagne.

When we first met I was a new business owner with a negative mind. I had little confidence even though I could come across as confident and Jill saw this. I was also very defensive and would go on the attack from any criticism which taken all together was not a great combination.

Through my sessions of walking and talking with Jill she would probe my responses and I would see the answer quite often without her saying it, she is that good. Sometimes though she did say it but it is never as a criticism it is always constructive.

I have been running my business successfully now for 3 years and I think of Jill as a friend as well as my life balancer.

The main thing I’ve taken anything away from my sessions it’s to believe in yourself and don’t allow negative people or thoughts to determine who you are. I am me and I have found that me is actually OK. Being positive makes you feel so much lighter in your mind and being” (Julie, Successful Business Woman)

EMPOWERED PARENTING “I connected with Jill when I was totally fed up of feeling like my kids don’t listen to me; mornings, meal times and bedtimes had become a real nightmare for all of us! As a mum herself she could relate easily to my struggles. During some Coffee Shop sessions we detailed how I would like those daily routines to look and feel. We also discussed what was stopping me from taking control.

Jill spent some time in my home helping me to put in place some really simple changes and structure. There are always those days when the kids won’t put their shoes on, and that’s assuming we know where both shoes are! There is no such thing as the perfect child/parent (phew!). But, I have the skills, confidence and tools to make things run more smoothly.   We are so much happier!” (Ruth, Working Mum)

ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS “My career to date has played out with me taking a backseat role – unnecessarily I now realise!  I am now in a position to create and run my own business but found I was struggling with a lack of confidence to make the transition.  Jill guided me to understand the cause of my issues through lighthearted conversations and subtle strategic questioning.  She gave me the tools, support and confidence to make permanent change and move forward.  Jill is a gifted and approachable coach with a genuine desire to help people who want to make a change and become their best self “(New Business Owner)

RELATIONSHIPS “I was going through a very tough time in my life. I was in a mentally abusive and controlling marriage, but with two young children I was so afraid of what would happen next if it all ended. Jill listened to me, ask very thought provoking questions and guided me towards a decision that was right for me and my children. She helped me find the strength and courage to move away from a very toxic relationship. Now, two years on, I am in my ‘happy place’ in life and Jill was a huge factor in helping me to take the next step” (Anonymous)

CAREERS “I gave up my job to have four wonderful years at home with my children but eventually I longed to be my own person. With no CV and a lack of confidence I contacted Jill.
I knew Jill from a previous company we worked for. She helped me to build a CV that reflected my skills and took me on a confidence building journey back through what had been a successful career history. We had some interview sessions that are designed to stop the dreaded ‘frozen panic’ when asked for specific examples. I had a new role within 3 weeks.” (Lisa, Sheffield)

ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS/ DEALING WITH CHANGE  “Jill has worked with me for many years now and how eventful it has been. Jill’s guidance, support and honesty have helped me not only navigate some tricky life changes but have also helped me achieve some lifelong goals. I always look forward to our sessions and am always surprised at how quickly the time flies by. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone. We have built up a great understanding due to her honest style. She never shies away from the questions that need to be asked that most in everyday life would brush over, supporting and showing great empathy all the way through.” (Craig, Leeds)