Walk and Talk

**I offer a free 20 minute consultation for any new clients**

This is my favourite type of session as the benefits are endless……

There is something wonderful and empowering about the physical aspect of just moving forwards; taking literal steps towards your new life. Much needed fresh air and blood pumping around your body will make you feel invigorated and energised. This will help your brain to communicate openly and freely. Walking and talking is human nature, we do it all the time, so it offers the comfort of familiarity.

These sessions have been invaluable for my clients who don’t find it easy to talk about their feelings and issues – the ability to look straight ahead, not feeling looked at and the open air environment are a perfect cocktail for amazing, life changing conversations.

It’s also a little bit of exercise which releases natural endorphins, relieving stress and improving your mood. You can set a pace that suits you.

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photo of women walking down the street
Photo by Pille Kirsi on Pexels.com